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Its been more than a year... [May. 17th, 2006|07:27 pm]
[Current Location |My room]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |BrendaHolloway- Ive been good to you]

Hello everyone, it has been a long time since I have been on here. I guess I have been on MySpace too long. haha The new update is that I have been with my boyfriend Daniel for a year now. We are planning on moving in together but not until im done with school and stuff or when my parents kick me out. Once I stayed over at his house and fuck when I got home the next day, my parents almost threw me out. Its been like that since the day I got with him. I know they dont like him but I dont care because I love him and thats just the way it is. Im going to get my car soon and I planning on getting breast implants in the future. I am still working at WalMart and I will have a year there sometime this month. I applied for CSM and I hope I get it, Ill know by this week... haha . Well Im hungry and I need to stop typing. I need new friends because the ones I had ended up acting up on me and I dont need that shit anymore. hehe well later peeps
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greetings!!! [Mar. 16th, 2005|02:03 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |student chats]

Woohoo, yesterday was my sister's 17th birthday and we had a blast. On monday I was with my boyfriend's house because we were going to BBQ but then his friends were going to work and we decided to get together at 8 but then they called back telling us that their car had stopped. We ended up staying with them for like 3 hours and man it was fucken funny how the guys were trying to start the car by pushing it and starting it at the same time. I had a big laugh. No matter how good mechanics they are, they couldnt figure out what the problem were so we were like, lets just BBQ on the weeekend. so yeah. Then at nite, I told Booby that we should just BBQ tomorrow since it was my sister's birthday and we did. We had the "party" at the Hueneme Beach and got tons of beer and liquor. When we cut the cake, my sister wouldnt take a bite out of it so I just had to get some cake and put it on her face. Man then this guy comes ond gets cake all over my face... and thats when it all started. I ended up with the mustard and getting everyone. I told Bobby to get the soda to get my sister wet and next thing I know, he throws it all to me. That was sad. So yeah, it got to the point thst I threw up. haha it was funny. I had to wash off all the crap that was on me at the showers. Henry was just taking pictures, that punk. No one got him! haha. The thing that sucked big balls was that Everyone got a Ticket!!! Fucking cops! But yeah, its all good. Henry and everyone should be stopping by to drop off my stuff from yesterday. I just wanted to get in the shower as soon as possible. Oh and I have to tell the story of my piercing! haha how funky. Well i gots to go, class is almost done. This is the first day i am at school for an entire day in the year. Freakin sophmores are testing, the exit exam. Only 2 months til graduation!!! Class of 2005!!!
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Valentine! [Feb. 14th, 2005|11:04 am]
[mood |flirtyflirty]
[music |Always and Forever]

Greetings all. Today is Valentines Day and woohoo I have plans with my boyfriend. Yes guys, I have a boyfriend. His name is Bobby and he's a rebel. Its funny how we had dated in JrHigh and he didnt even recognized me. Well yeah, we are going to eat tonite and see what else happens. I bought him an MnM figurine with cande and an oldies cd "killer Oldies." Im so happy. My good guy friend gave me a candygram and a teddy-bear, I didnt get him anything but a hugg will do it. haha. Hope yall have a good Valentines Day...XOXO !!!
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Wow! [Jan. 20th, 2005|08:36 am]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Mr. brightside-THE KILLERS]

Im just at school right now and its about 8:36am, gee im sleepy! Yesterday, my cousin and I went to buy some stuff. He ended up buying me a MadSin T-shirt. There was some guy that looked greaser(sterotyping) but we have never seen him around town before, Bleh! Then we hit the thrifstore and I ended up buying two bloody skirts. We didnt want to go home so I decided to call up one of friends to see what he was doing. Little did I know that he was shopping with his friends for SeniorBall. We had decided to meet at Wendys to hang out. It was fun! but yeah...get over it. I leave to Baja this weekend again. Atleast I get to see my koo brother, its always good to see him. Ugh, I hate Pre-Calc. Its just not connecting to me anymore. I think I am getting "senioritis" <- I think thats how its spelled. I know I only have 4 classes but still, its just getting too serious. I must get out of that class soon. One more week til finals. We are doing some cheesy-ass poem reading crap in 4th period. Ugh its Yuck! I cant log into myspace which sucks. My computer is not working well. Have a good one folks^v^
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2005|07:07 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Hey there Lani and Julie. I somehow are not able to respond on your journals or on my comments. Its weird. I do not know whats wrong but anywho. I have not seen ya girls in a very long time. What happened to all the get togethers Ray used to have? gee, Its all different now. It seems as if we all have separated. We should do our own little hang outs. haha. Thats kool you found the pic of julie and I which reminds me, we should take some pics together sometime. It would be fun. I know Julie's birthday is on the 17 because mine is 10 days earlier. We should celebrate and go clubbin! haha. We will be 18 with a bullet. lol Well I hope to see you girls really soon. take care
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2005|10:57 am]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |Duke of Earl- GENE CHANDLER]

Well greetings to all. I have not written in months. Myspace takes my time when I am logged on. Things Ive been up to is going to Baja California every three weeks. Ive gotten the chance to check out a few shows in that area. They are way different that the ones here. The best thing of them is that I can actually buy drinks without being card. THe best show Ive checked out there was a Ska show. THe bands were good and the people are so nice. I have gotten drunk that night and I ended up in the "Dancing Pit" it was a blast.
Ive also been going to San Diego a lot to see my brother. We went downtown to eat at CORVETTE dinner. The place was so much fun! then we had gone to a place that looks so much like the Santa Monica Pier only is was not in a pier, it was along the shore. I also went to all the shopping malls around. I did not see any greasers but I had tons of fun.
I have gone on a couple of dates but no match yet. I still talk to those peeps but just no real connection or atleast not the one Im looking for.
I have also been partying a lot with my sister and her friends. Dang it sounds like we are a party Krew, haha.
The school semester is about the end and I only have 6 months of school left and three months to decide if ill be joining the military or not. Its all going too fast. Then the senior ball is coming up on the 27th. Good thing i have my pimp dress already but i still need to buy shoes.
My family and I are having a party this month for my niece, she will be 4 and I am going to invite tons of peeps to hang out. Henry has got to get his day off! he is but yeah.
wOOHOO there are lots of oldis concerts on the comming month. For sure ill be going to one but i dont know which one yet. THere is the Art Laboe one in Las Vegas or Indio. THen there is a 92.3 hot jams one in Los angeles and another oldies one in San Diego. The Art Laboe oldies concert was so much fun! Hopefully ill be here for this years concert.
My Navy recruiter called me yesterday to see how im doing, but now it makes it difficult to pick the Army because I know that the Navy's bootcamp is way easier than the Army's bootcamp. The only thing that worries me about the Navy is that I have to know how to swim. Well, my goal is to learn how to swim. They can teach me at bootcamp but still, I rather pass the test the first time. The Army will be more difficult but I want a challenge. WHo knows, I just hope i pick the right one. I mean the my brother already told me it is very easy to pass bootcamp, since he is in the NAVY. hmmm, ill see what happens. I dont want to graduate but I do.
Im supposed to take the written exam so that I can get my licence when I turn 18. Wooo...ill be 18 in May! them ill be 18 to go to the Rosarito Bash. that means Clubbin' with Henry and my friends.
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ugh... [Aug. 12th, 2004|12:03 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |CLYDE McPHATTER -]

Im so fucken annoyed by many people of at the moment, I cant handle my anger and its stressful!!! AAAAAAHHH the good thing is that ill be leaving for two damn weeks out of this town, Baja California here I come!!! its going to be so much fun since I can buy liquor and ciggs legally. Its going to be so burnin' hot and ill be returnin' with long ass morquito bites, they attack me like I were their feed of the day. Geesh but yeah Ill be going to the Great Lakes of Illinois on the 26-29 of August...then there is an oldies concert on September 11 in San Bernardino, The art laboe show!!! woop woop KANT WAIT...Have a beer and do the mash potato!!!
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2004|03:21 pm]
You're Ellie! You're independent, unique, and
totally punk! Guys like you because you're hot,
especially now that you've lost some of your
hard-core image. You stand up for friends, what
you believe in, and what you want. Problems are
you tend to push your friends (Marco, Ashley)
away harshly when you really need them, and
sometimes try too hard to be

Which Degrassi Character Are You?
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keyzz... [Jul. 25th, 2004|05:11 pm]
Yesterday the army recruit. came to my house to see me, we ended up on meeting tomorrow at noon for me to take some tests...Ill see what happens in that field. My brother called and his graduation is In August 27 , yeah!!! Henry left his keyz inside his car yesterday, it was a smart one , haha
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what a week... [Jul. 23rd, 2004|03:09 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |SOCIAL DISTORTION - Prison Bound]

The whole entire past week, my cousin and I have been going shopping for my cousin Vero's wedding. The wedding was fun because I got all messed up with the wine, Henry did too...haha. He didnt want to dance so that sucked, damn henry! But yeah the food was weird, but ok I guess. The waiters were so cute! haha...SO more wine I drank, I wished CHina would have gone to the wedding, but maybe next time. haha. When Henry left, which I dont remember him saying bye to me, I started dancing with my cousin Daniela, and somehow ended up dancing with Cookie. WHen we left the place, my dad drank that nite so he couldnt drive, my two sisters had left to other parties, and so I was taking care of my niece Natalia while my mom drove. Then when we got home, I somehow just was so nice and decided to make coffee for everyone and had a good conversation with both my parents about what I do and how I deal with my "problems" but yeah they understand me...I love them both. THen yeah my sisters came home and good nite I went...Lately well my cousin Daniela and I are making recuedos for my cousin's baby shower, and getting a tan at the beach...good lookin surfers! woohoo...and yeah, tomorrow hopefully go to see Brujeria but I need to call Julian or Jessee, or just go see Goma, Pastilla... Ill see , HAVE A BEER!
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